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Celebrating 20 Years in 2014!

UAW and Ford Show Support at 2014 Gay Games

Ford GLOBE -- Changing the Corporate Culture

Ford GLOBE is an ever-expanding grassroots network of hourly and salaried employees, retirees and contractors at Ford Motor Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates. We welcome new members. Your participation is what helps make the group what it is and what it will become. Whether this is your first shy, tentative outreach to like-minded individuals at Ford or one small part of an ongoing activist lifestyle, your presence and viewpoints are welcome in this group. Ford GLOBE respects each member's choice on how "out" they wish to be.

Ford GLOBE’s goals are mutually beneficial between GLOBE members and Ford Motor Company. By helping to maintain a safe, supportive work environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people at Ford, enhancing their loyalty and productivity, Ford GLOBE helps Ford Motor Company to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s premier automotive company.

Towards that end Ford GLOBE has launched these web pages to inform and educate both potential members and the general public of our activities, both inside and outside the company. Please feel free to browse our pages, ask questions or send us feedback at

Be sure to visit Pride at Work to learn more about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender labor and their allies.

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